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Benefits of Real Estate Investing


HomeUnion provides a unique cash flow investment opportunity into single-family rental homes where the primary return on investment comes from tenants paying rent.


HomeUnion identifies properties where the monthly rent is at least 1% of the purchase price. With these properties, you can build equity on your investment property without paying a monthly mortgage payment.


Properties identified through HomeUnion's extensive Top Down property identification process, although not guaranteed, are predicted to increase in value over time.

Benefits of Investing with HomeUnion

  • High Yield ROI
  • 100% Ownership of Property
  • 360 Degree Support
  • Hassle Free Asset Management
  • Ease of Ownership
  • Diversification from the Stock Market

“I was wary of investing remotely, but HomeUnion’s research helped me make an informed decision. My property is generating good returns, and with HomeUnion’s help, I can continue to buy good cash flow homes around the country.”

Ramya Subramanian

“Thanks to HomeUnion, I now have direct, leveraged exposure to real estate through a diverse portfolio in multiple locations throughout the country. The properties cash flow and the process is streamlined. I trust their experience.”

Dr. Eric H., MD