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Benefits of Real Estate Investing


HomeUnion provides a unique cash flow investment opportunity into single-family rental homes where the primary return on investment comes from tenants paying rent.


HomeUnion identifies properties where the monthly rent is at least 1% of the purchase price. With these properties, you can build equity while your rental income pays the monthly mortgage payment.


Properties identified through HomeUnion's extensive Top Down property identification process, although not guaranteed, are predicted to increase in value over time.

You Invest, We Do the Rest

Talk to us and we'll recommend a real estate investment plan and specific properties that will help you reach your financial goals. We'll guide you through the entire acquisition process, performing all the heavy lifting for you, while providing you 100% transparency in the process. We manage tenancy to maximize your return, perform inspections and repairs to protect your assets. We'll even help you sell, when ready.

HomeUnion has been features by some of the world's most trusted sources for news.

Benefits of Investing with HomeUnion

  • High ROI
  • 100% Ownership of Property
  • 360 Degree Support
  • Hassle Free Asset Management
  • Ease of Ownership
  • Diversification from the Stock Market

"Thanks to HomeUnion, I now have direct, leveraged exposure to real estate through a diverse portfolio in multiple locations throughout the country. The properties cash flow and the process is streamlined. I trust their experience."

—Dr. Eric H., MD

"I was wary of investing remotely, but HomeUnion’s research helped me make an informed decision. My property is generating good returns, and with HomeUnion’s help, I can continue to buy good cash flow homes around the country."

—Ramya Subramanian